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Bass Guitar

Bill Haynes - Electric Bass, Upright Bass, Lead and Harmony Vocals


Bill brings the experience of a seasoned veteran to the band, having played and studied music for over 25 years.

His love of music began in Germany, of all places, at the age of 12. A military brat, Bills folks bought him an old accoustic guitar for Christmas. The guitar was fine for a while until the family moved back to Killeen and Bill was first introduced to the Beatles. Hearing Paul McCartney for the first time, he knew he had to play bass.

Bill was walking by a pawn shop in Killeen one day and happened to come across an old Hofner bass guitar (just like Pauls!) in the window. It took a few months of washing dishes in the Officers Club but he finally payed it off. He and his older brother, who had an electric guitar, spent hours jamming around the house much to the annoyance of his parents.

He joined his first band in high school called Narrow Bridge and from there moved on to other acts, playing with Charles Littlejohn and a band called Sidewalk Sunday.

The rock and roll scene was booming in Austin during the early 70s so Bill headed south to join a band called Sundance which played for a number of years around the state. The band was so popular that they even had to have a police escort after one show in Odessa to get them past the mob of fans. The group opened for such diverse acts as Steve Martin, Trapeeze, and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

Bill discovered his love of country music during the mid to late 70's back in his home town of Killeen. He would play with a local rock band and when they would finish, he'd pack his bass and move down the street to a local country bar where some of the old-timers would show him the ropes. The early years of rock and roll, as well as his tutelage in country music from some of the masters has given Bill a well-rounded and diverse musical background.

A lot of bass players tend to be frustrated guitar players, but not Bill. Whether its a walkin two step or the powerful low-end thump on a rock n roll tune, Bill shows the crowd that the bass is HIS instrument and that anchoring a solid rhythm section is where he loves to be.

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