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Jason Bagby - Manager, Sound/Light Engineer



Jason was born Dec. 26, 1972 in Dallas, Texas. He moved to Taylor at the age of nine. Around this time, his mother became aware that he had an interest in music so she introduced Jason to a fellow preacher whom which she ministered with (yep he's a preacher's kid) who also played drums. Jason started drum lessons under Rev. Bob Kurko who had in turn learned studied under a drum legend Buddy Rich. Jason played in the church band for several months and noticed his tastes in music gradually starting to change. He joined several small garage bands and played any party or function that was available. The music was loud and hard but they had fun! Jason married and decided to settle down and subsequently "retired" from the music scene. Eight years and 1 divorce later, Jason's best friend from high school married a well known fiddle player, Rusty Swanson. Jason returned to music helping Rusty with his equipment and filling in on the sound board and lights with the popular band "Lonesome Dove." A couple of years later, plans were being made to form the band "Somewhere In Texas" and Jason was approached and asked to come aboard. Jason happily accepted and is now considered as vital to the group as the guys on stage. Jason's credits include work with Lonesome Dove, Rodney Pyeatt, Chad Austin, Cheyenne, Pete Benz, The Cotton Club and more

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