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Somewhere In Texas Band - Official Website
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About Us
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Somewhere In Texas

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Craig Howell - Accoustic and Electric Guitars, Lead and Harmony Vocals


Bill Haynes - Electric Bass, Upright Bass, Lead and Harmony Vocals


Rusty Swanson - Fiddle, Accoustic Guitar, Lead and Harmony Vocals


Randall Niemtschk - Drums, Percussion


Jerry Harkins - Pedal Steel Guitar


Jason Bagby - Manager, Sound/Light Engineer

What happens when you get a group of guys together who not only are great friends, but highly seasoned veteran musicans who all cut their musical teeth in the dance halls of Texas? The answer is country music magic in the form of a band called Somewhere in Texas. The group has established a solid reputation and loyal fan-base throughout Texas for one simple reason - they're good...DAMN good! 
Somehwere in Texas remains passionately committed to Texas-style country music.  You can hear their influences with each note they play: Bob Wills, Ray Price, Johnny Bush, Merle Haggard.  Yet the group ads something else - an energy and sincerity that is uniquely their own.  A fan once approached the group at the end of a show and said, "You guys always look like you're having fun when you're on stage."  The reply was unanimous: "Well, it's probably because we are!"  
Do yourself a favor - check the band's schedule and come out to one of their shows - you DEFINITELY won't be disappointed.

If you're interested in booking the band for your next function, click on the link below for contact information.