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Randall Niemtschk - Drums, Percussion


Okay, so it's hard to pronounce his last name! Don't worry though, this kid knows how to play the skins.

Although Randall is the fresh-faced youngster of the group, he plays with experience and confidence beyond his years. He first picked up a pair of sticks when he was three years old and played in his first band when he was 8.

Randall gained his experience the hard way, playing in honky-tonks and honing his chops whenever anyone would give him a chance to play.

Most recently he has played with a local Taylor, TX group called "Shameless" but has also had the chance to sit in with Gary P. Nunn.

Randall's desire and dedication, not to mention his obvious ability, were a primary reason for his invitation to join the band out of a number of older and more "seasoned" drummers. It's a decision the rest of the guys have never regretted

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